The Universe is telling us: “CHANGE”

Hi beautiful people,

First of all, finally… FINALLY mercury is no longer retrograde 💫 but always remember it takes about 3 more days for the planet to go direct… so keep it up, green light for everything you’re holding comming very very soon. 👁

Secondly, I want to thank everyone who took the time, sharing their meditations techniques with me. It’s a unique gift, and sometimes I think this sort of gifts are far way more important and valuable than material ones. Thanks soooo much from my heart 🧡

I know we all need material things, but I have found that when you learn something and you share it, it’s way more effective for both sides rather than just staying yourself with whatever you’ve learned. It can be a discipline, a technique, a new language, a recipe, wisdom from history, philosophy or just sharing your own personal journey and learnings, you leave a knowledge that is similar to footprints in the person’s mind, or soul, that you’re engaging with.

I have recently started taking more care of myself, because I want to do a mayor change in my life. I’m very excited about this. 🧡🧡🧡

I feel a lot of people are in the same vibration energy or frequency, that of CHANGE.

I also happen to understand a bit of all that is happening in the heavens, (to me that’s the world and the universe) and I know… I understand that since last year, humanity has entered a new path.

It’s scary sometimes, but fear is not what has gotten me the most. ( a lot of people are facing fear 24/7 , and fear is one of the most dangerous feelings to be in, it makes you unstable in a lot of ways, not only mentaly or emotionally but even physically) do not let fear get in you.

What I struggle the most with are two emotions: anxiety and sadness. I have lost many loved ones during these times, and I’m as all of you living such uncertain times, and sometimes it all seems so volatile that my anxiety has gone up to the roof. That’s one of the reasons why I have chosen to keep up with meditation.

Also, I’m impressed by how much awaking is happening all around the world, definitely these are times to stay together, to love each other even if we are completely diferent, to be open minded, to be honest and free. Because what seems to come, involves all of us. And to be more honest I believe true love and kindness, compassion and gratitude are ingredientes that will help us all go with the flow of change.

It’s hard, I know, I understand… but as soon as you make the decision to let go, and surrender to CHANGE it all becomes a little bit more smooth.

Trust, trust the universe, trust God, trust you…


Calu, R

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