Corazón ❤

Hello everyone, ❤❤❤ happy happy love and more love and let’s make it every day love. ❤❤❤

I wanted to share one of my best experiences so far this month. I had the chance to watch the band “la Garfield” perform in a “live” concert.

I’ve liked the band for several years, but since all has changed for a lot of us due to the fact that we can’t go to live concerts, it was a very special new endeavor to see and watch how I could interact with them having a background of knowing them in person.

It was a splendid surprise I loved it. You can follow them in all their social media platforms. I’m leaving their YouTube here :

And a little video from the gig.

Enjoy!!!! It’s just a tiny piece but I adore this song, it’s called: “Loca” . Have a lovely evening. Send some love, give yourself some love, and remember it doesn’t have to be one particular day to celebrate Love.

❤😊 with love,

Calu R.

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