Keep going 💫🌿☀️

First of all THANK YOU sooooo much, from the bottom of my soul, the positive feedback I got from my last post. I’m filled with a lot of love and gratitude. Than you. 🧡

This morning I woke up and found myself looking at these beautiful leafs. I have no idea exactly of the name of these plants, ( if you do, please let me know 😉 ).

But I saw them so bright, and beautiful standing there I just saw a bunch of hearts, of plants, of green, dancing infront of me. Usually I pass them and just watch the different types of green, but today I felt as if my eyes were bigger, and my mind was bigger.

As you know, (or if you don’t I’ll tell you now) these past few days have been soooo strong in energy, I believe having the most potent one today, and since I have been meditating, doing yoga, and finally trying to get closer and closer to me.

I think healing is not a linear thing, it comes up and down, it comes from side to side, and in all different forms. The most important thing to do is : TO HEAL.

I’m just like you, and we are all here together learning how to be better humans. But I know, there are beings with infinite love, light, wisdom and more, who are taking care of us, and I’m sure that we are here protected by them and if you sync and tune with the flow of life, I’m sure you will be able to feel all this!!!

We are meant to be happy, we deserve to be abundant in all the ways to be greater people. And most of all to love, love yourself, but truuuuuly do it.


We are all in for a great ride on this earth. So let the old narratives you had about yourself, your life, others, etc… to DROP, GO, LEAVE THEM… you are meant to be a greater being.

Light is calling for you.

Will you answer?


Calu R

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