From the soul 🧡

Hello beautiful people

Hope you’re all good and sound, 🥰 I wanted to share today this piece that one of my teachers shared with me. Here it is (I’ll do my best translating from Spanish to English 🙃


As much Love you give to yourself, less love you will need..

Then, when you don’t NEED, you will not build or sustain relationships that are toxic…

Your life will be filled by people with light and wisdom, and if it’s not the case, they will leave quickly…

When you don’t NEED love, you will express yourself as you wish and you will follow your heart all the time, since you will not be afraid of rejection, or judgment, or solitude, or lacking or abandonment…

Since your heart will be full of YOU, you will feel as if the whole world is more little…

You will feel the whole world is inside of you, and not YOU inside of the whole world…

You will enjoy everything in a good and right amount…

You will go to the movies, to grab dinner, you will do sports and other activities, but nothing, absolutely nothing, will be as fulfilling as when you close your eyes and you feel that Love inside of your heart; that love you have earned after years of healing and accepting your wounds; after years of being in silence; after years of doing what you came to do in this world without distractions: to evolve. That’s what’s the journey about…

Take out the mental trash; is the most important part to reach freedom…


Thanks for reading, hope to bring a little light and strength to you.


Calu R

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