Happy new beginnings 💫

🧡 Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy… 🧡

Hey there 🧡

Happy and merry new moon in Aquarius ♒.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Can you feel the energy?

This has been moving all the celestial bodies for quite some time now. What we experienced today, we hadn’t experienced since the 1960’ts , can you believe? What an increible moment to be alive!!

I feel almost like I did when the great conjuction happened in December last year. Just, today not a single light in the sky, just the magnificent stars all over, but still, our precious moon there dark, shadowy, perfect for planting our seeds.

I feel soooooo much love right now, I can’t explain exactly, but it’s like a feeling of being secure and trusting that whatever comes is for a higher purpose.

I am soooo excited to start. Well I think I have been working on this since last year but now I feel this push, this extra push.

I’m jumping, all in, I’m ready. I am on my way to freedom. What ever that might be, look and feel but im ready for it. Ready to be ME.

Thank you for reading tonight a little bit of my mind… I received today as a gift from a friend this cat grass. I didn’t know if my cat would like it but my friend, she kept insisting and look at that big yummy picture. He loved it. 🧡🧡🧡

Have a beautiful awakening, and if you feel heavy, lost, misunderstood… don’t worry we are all feeling a lot, and it can come from diferent emotions, but still we are in this together.

“We are here, all of us beautiful souls, to make a better reality. To make love a priority, to make US a priority. In union.”


Calu R

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