What’s up with electronic and communication

Calamondin from the terrace 🧡💛🧡💛

Hi there 😊, hope you’re doing well and fine. ♡

Today was such a beautiful day, look at that picture, I find sometimes hard to believe the beauty of nature. It just surprises me every single time.

But also I’m beginning to experience this lack of control with communication and electronics. I’ve been working since Thursday for different things, that requires electronic devices, social media, internet etc… all that we use in our current life situation, and I’ve had a really HARD time aligning everything.

Suddenly all systems crash, or the hard work of putting a set with lights and everything just doesn’t work… transfers that are apparently missing, oooo so many little tiny mistakes that just delay things…

The planet mercury goes retrograde on the 13th.

Welcome to Mercury’s almost retrograde.

The planet of communication and all that has to do with connections. It’s going to retrograde on the 13th of this month until the 3 of November on the very special sign of Scorpio.

Wow this energy is feeling already verrryyyy challenging. I mean in a good way. But boy does it make everything a little bit more difficult to flow. But it’s not because it’s a bad energy… no no no no no…

This is an opportunity to really think step by step what are you doing. I love retrograde season, it teaches sooooo much, but oh boy!!! With all that’s happening around… I can just leave you these suggestions:

Read everything you write more than once

Don’t sign contracts or legal documents

Using electronics, expect them to have little inconvenience

Don’t go back with your ex if they show up just like “helloooooo, remember me?” Just…. don’t… don’t do it disrespectful but just don’t. Trust me on this one.

Think everything, don’t overthink, just think what you are doing and if it aligns with who you are.

Talk the truth and be assertive

And the most important: BE CLEAR. speak from your truth, don’t be afraid to speak and tell the truth or at least try not to lie.

Retrogrades can be very very useful, it’s just how you manage the energy available. Trust. Have courage. Have empathy because what you’re going through maybe somebody else is struggling with a similar situation or even a worst one And, you never know.

And remember: BE CLEAR.

Love, Calu R.

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