Jiji helloooo me and Fufu here

Hey there, I hope you’re doing fine and good. 😀😀😀

Today I just want to post some thoughts about comedy.

I graduated as a psychologist so I know that when going through rough times or difficulties, our brains tend to seek laughter and fun, to distract itself from what realities are going on.

I am a BIG BIG fan of comedy, I grew up watching stand up comedy like George Carlin, Louis CK, then followed up with Kevin Hart, and the list goes on I love it. I know Joe Rogan for example is on of the best Podcaster of all times but check his stand up oooooh is just amazing.

I love comedy! And my thoughts on in is that not only it makes you think in a different way, but it also makes you understand a lot of our behaviors in a funny sarcastic way. Telling the truth will laughing sometimes maybe it’s uncomfortable but necessary.

I love it, to me is one of my get up medicines I use. And I treasure every person who really goes for comedy because they get bullied for I have no idea how long on their career before they actually start making money out of something they love, and essentially I feel it’s because of the non tolerance or non understanding that it’s actually jokes…. it’s comedy…

So not only you laugh endlessly with it, but you learn and if you dig enough you will find the resistance and resilience some of the best comedians have. They kept going even if they were trashed for 10 years or so… it’s to me very motivated. Look out kevin hart’s journey, if you are interested.

I just, I’m going crazy on comedy and I love it. This year comedy really has saved my mental health. Thanks to every single one of them. 🥰🥰🥰

Who’s your favorite comedian? Comment bellow I’ll absolutely look at them. Thank you.

Love, Calu R

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