A new door

This is me here 👋🤗

Hi there 😊, hope you’re doing well and fine.

My mind has been filled with thoughts, ideas and all sorts of new things.

I’m currently starting to paint again, though the process is taking a little bit more time than before, I can’t wait to show what’s on my heart, my mind and my soul.

Today I gave my very first tarot reading to a girl who asked me if I was willing to help her.

It was such an incredible new experience. I’ve only read tarot before to myself mostly, and although I have a very close relationship with my decks, it’s very different reading for other people. It amazed me honestly, wasn’t expecting to be so incredible accurate. And the most fulfilling is that the person felt relief and felt helped.

I’m very very grateful for this experience and hope that more come my way. I’ve been learning tarot for quite a while now and it’s beautiful.

I want to tell that I think of tarot as a tool to give a path and advice, more than a totally witchy and future telling. It’s more of an overlook on energies, and learning about them. I just love it.

Thank you universe. It was definitely delightful.

Sending love and hugs.

Calu R.

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