Wild Nature

This beautiful flowers 💐 are called “ilusión” standing for “illusion”

Hi there 😊, hope you’re doing well and fine.

I’ve been always inspired by the strength of nature. You see, part of where I live are full of ruines. From all types of ancient buildings. This one so close to home was a long time ago a monastery. Now after many many maaany years and earthquakes…

(did I ever mention that I live in a country where tremors and earthquakes are part of our experiences all year around? If not, well I live in Guatemala and we have a lot of tremors)

The ruines of the monastery remains as old memories and standing strong with historical stories living in them.

This one in particular was called “El Carmen”, and every year I can’t wait for the wild flowers to grow.

Enjoy the beautiful “ilusión” dancing with the wind and the beautiful music

The song of the video is from this amazing Argentinian singer and songwriter called Julian Chantada I leave here his Spotify for you to listen to beautiful music and support art. ♡♡♡


Has you can see this beautiful flowers grow inside the hard stones of the ruines, and it amazes me every single time.

Isn’t it sooooo impressive that nature can find it’s own way to grow even in the most difficult places. I love it completely. It inspires me not only to make art but to be like them, appreciate their strength and bloom in the most unbelievable amazing spots.

I love it, hope it gives you this brilliant feeling of beauty and growth.

Love, Calu R. ♡

5 thoughts on “Wild Nature

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks so much. Thanks also for leaving nice comments. 🥰🥰🥰 and also thank you for everything you share in your website, I feel so much love when I read what you write. Thank you for sharing with the world. 💛

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      1. You are so welcome Calu! Hope you are healing. You are very dear and I’m glad you find my thoughts worthy of your read and you can feel the love. You are a bright star in our world. ❤️🤗

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