Full moon in ♈, the center of ♎ season.

Welcoming times of great change. Fire moon with Fire Mars on the side

Hey there, hope you’re doing well and fine starting this new amazing October month.

Today and yesterday we have the very strong and 🔥 energy of the full moon in Aries. This energy is what you could say “a blessing in disguise”. Because it is sooooo strong and comes to clear a lot of things. This energy will be available for the next couple of days, as the moon starts her wanning process.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do for this full moon, I often spend more time acting and performing my goals and manifestations during the new moon or the black moon as some call it.

But during the full moon moments, I like to express gratitude to the universe, and reflect on the things I have, the things I’m currently working for and the things I already have done. I really enjoy full moons because it’s a time where I can be grateful with consciousness, although I have to say, we should have that all the time 🥰💫💐.

The fire danced under the full moon for you dear.

I choose yesterday to give thanks to the universe for the life of my dear Molly. I did a little fire ceremony, sending all my love to her, thanking her sooooo much and put some cumbia music to dance 💃 as we used to with her.

After that I couldn’t stop crying… it’s been hard on me. But as I was trying my best to fall asleep…. WowOkey MIRACLE!!!!!

I looked back at her life, all she did, how she did it, how she struggled and how she kept going even if people hated her, because she was sooooo true to herself. I loved and love that about her, she never changed to please ANYONE. She was a strong woman and I still admire that from her.

But what really amazed me was the fact that her death brought to me (dear girl I love you so much even with this you continue to give all of us lessons), a new understanding and strength. For real, this girl lived the life SHE wanted, and did everything to get there. I’m not saying all the time there where rainbows and butterflies but, she nailed it. She did it. Every single time. And on top of that she did everything: FROM LOVE.

Man, really thank you soooo much because you reminded me that I also can accomplish EVERYTHING.

Thanks for reading me thoughts and feelings. Sending love your way.

Love, Calu R.

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