Para la gente (for the people)

Dear lovely Molly. ♡

I am trying my best to write something meaningful right now. Because this gorgeous girl left us and my heart is crushed.

Molly was a beautiful human, she started a place here in Antigua called “Para la gente” and her dream was to give a space for art, culture, music, dance, crafting everything for us, for the ones who didn’t have a place to perform. And she did, she gave life to that beautiful spot for soooooo many of us. It was our home and Molly was such a lovely, fighting, strong woman.

I can’t believe she’s gone.

She always opened her arms to me, to my projects and all the work I was able to do for music and arts, there she was, always with an open heart she was such an amazing girl, I admired her and still admire her so much, for always going after what she wanted, so strong, so sensitive and I just can’t believe it.

She moved to Costa Rica at beginning of this year, living the life she wanted. She was an incredible yoga teacher, and a very special human being that left us too soon. This is to soon. Damn it this is too soon.

The first time one of my best friends, took the courage to stand on stage at para la gente. And Molly always gave the opportunity to be brave and perform.

I used to go and talk to her and be with her always surrounded by beautiful people, I was able to accomplish so much due to her. I don’t even know how to properly explain how much she did for a lot of people, to our community. Ooooo I don’t even have enough words time or head right now to express my gratitude to her.

Shit this is so hard.

But my dear Molly, where ever your soul is, be at peace, and I hope you know how much love you have in this world, I hope your last thoughts where filled with light. I hope you’re dancing for us, for you as you used to dance, and making the world a better one. I love you so much. I hope you’re in peace and enjoying whatever is beyond life, and feel the gratitude and love that we all have and will continue to have for you.

I love you Molly, I know you were living the best life and you were happy in Costa Rica.

I will for ever remember you. Thank you soooo much, thank you. I wish all of us who are grieving you, will celebrate your life. And remember how happy and full of life and joy and laughter and your beautiful heart will always be in us.

Rest In Peace dear Molly. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to hug you goodbye. Damn girl, you are a star. You are the brightest of stars.

I have no other words right now, I can’t

I love you girl, I’ll miss you. ♡


2 thoughts on “Para la gente (for the people)

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks soooo much for your kind words and time to stop by here and leave this beautiful message. Thanks for reaching. Really from my heart to yours 💞🥰💫. It goes both ways, I’m here if you ever need a friend or some love to share. Thanks soooooo much. May you be filled with all the light in this universe. 💫🥰 thank you. 💛

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