Quino ♡

My Mafalda collection ♡

Hi there 😊, hope you’re doing well and fine.

Today I woke up, and I had 5 missed phone calls  from my dad. I figured “boy, something happen, either pretty good or pretty bad”.

Today 30 of September 2020, the argentinan artist well known as Quino died at 88 years old.

I feel soooooo sad that the world is out of his beautiful soul, and body. But death, it’s only part of what we all must go through.

I have read all the Mafalda comics over and over and over and over again. I love the comic I love Mafalda and I grew up with her, being a role model.

When I was younger I even refused to drink soup, I wanted to feel the character even more. I just fell completely in love with everything surrounding the comic. Even my family started to make jokes and calling me “little Mafalda”.

I remember the first time I traveled alone I was only 14, I went to Rome. And I remember I entered a shop of different things, crafts, paper, books, journals… and found this amazing bag made out of cotton. It said “Oggi mordo” stands for : “today I bite” , and had a picture of mafalda waking up. I still have it and for a looooong time that was my purse.

I even joked a lot with my mom telling her that if I will be a mom some day I’ll call my baby “Mafalda”. That’s how much it means really. ♡

Can’t believe it, I was 19 here, I was at the library of my Alma mater. 11 years ago.

My heart weaps, I feel heavy on the loss.

Although I know his work will for ever be in the world, and like me, for a lot of people, artists, kids, grownups etc…

Rest in peace Quino. Thanks so much for the wisdom shared with laughter and comics, I’ll for ever treasure this.

Sending love and light to everyone who feels his lost today.

For ever in my heart.

Love, Calu R

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