A little corner of myself

One of my sweet spots around the house

Hi there 😊, hope you’re doing well and fine. ♡

Today I had a long day ahead of me and I’m feeling very sleepy.

But i wanted to be diligent and write.

I used to write on journals all the time, I collected them, and once in a while, when I’m at my parent’s house, I take a look back on the things that I wrote while growing.

Some things are just not relevant anymore, but they mark in a certain way, paths that I’ve taken. It’s a little weird going back in time and see what your mind and heart were going through.

As the years went by, I kept the journaling more as a daily practice than actually sharing my feelings. I wrote about daily experiences around the line of “dear diary, today I went to play tennis…” not very profund in content but I kept writing even if it was just regular stuff.

Now I wish to write more honestly and focus on my thoughts and feelings about my own journey. I think it takes practice and effort to keep it going every single day.

As for the picture on this post, I’m starting to think of ways to decorate around the time of October and November. I’m not a Wiccan, but I find Sabbats to be very delightful.

And my favorite one is Samhain.

Although Mabon, just happend a few days ago, I’m already thinking ahead and looking for the colors, the decorations and all the goodies that come during Samhain. That’s why this little corner of mine is already filled with pumpkins and some other herbs I’m thinking for decoration.

What do you like to celebrate?

Sending love and warm hugs your way.

Love, Calu R.

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