Look at that view. Picture my teacher sent me today lake Atitlan. Sep 24.2020

Hi there 😊, I hope wherever you are you feel safe and good.

Today I had to say “no”, to something I have been wanting since July.

I have a friend, she’s a 62 years old lady who lives at lake atitlan. One of my favorite places on earth. She told me how to make kombucha, probiotics, and much more. She lives in an eco house build with the materials that she could find in the land, and lives a very conscious life. I met her two years ago and since then I have traveled to see her and learn how to live a better life, and eco-friendly life style.

Hard to say no to this….

I was planning to visit her on the 5th of October.

But things are getting weird around the country, the pandemic, and honestly even traveling in the country, doesn’t feel very safe, at all. She has a very good health and doesn’t need to be taken care of, she’s just in the risk portion of the population due to her age.

We wanted to see each other, and talked about it at the beginning of September. And we agreed on the dates. But she just called me and well, it’s not that easy to get to her place, and she needs to be careful. So she decided to rent her house while this diminish.

In my heart I feel very sad. Sooooo sad. I wanted so much to go and see her, and the lake and to be able to keep learning from her. Seems to me, that I’ll have to wait for 2021.

Well, things don’t go as planned sometimes, and it’s fine. Waiting a little longer for what you really want, makes everything more special and I trust the universe.

I know the universe works for all good that there’s in the world and us, humans.

I’ll miss you dear lake this year, started with you by my side on January, hopefully we’ll see each other soon.

Take care. ♡

Love, Calu R.

2 thoughts on “Declined

  1. So nice to meet you here. Thanks for following me so I could find you!~ What a beautiful picture of Lak Atitilan. My daughter was their for her Yoga teacher training. Such a lovely spot. Sorry you will miss the lake but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Stay in touch and you may want to ativate your reader in settings as well so people can follow you there. I for one, don’t accept emails because my feed with over flow. With that said you can find me on my website as well to be in touch and I can give you my email if you ever need it. Have a great weekend and see you around. 🙏 Cindy

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    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks soooo much for the time you took on commenting. I’m sure your daughter must be an exceptional yoga teacher. Thanks for the what you said about absence, you are right. Thanks from my heart for your words, they come as a delightful cup of tea in a cold rainy afternoon. 🙂 yes please let’s stay in touch my email is you are welcome to write to me and keep the conversation. So lovely. Thanks. Big hugs.

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