Balancing stones

My first attempt at learning this art

Hi there 😊, hope that wherever you are you feel safe and good.

I’m a very curious creature, and I’m constantly learning new things, absorbing new knowledge.

I came across a beautiful video of rock stacking a couple of weeks ago, and I said:

“Calu, if there’s something you have to learn, is to do this”.

It’s so magical!!!!!!!!!! Ooooo!!!! I can’t wait to keep exploring this, it takes time and really patience to achieve what you want to create.

My first picture of rock stacking

It’s incredible how much this art can teach you, just by learning to touch the stones, learn how to balance them, gravity, and what I like the most is that you need to keep trying and even if it took you one hour or more to do one structure, it can fall so easily.

So, trying again, mastering your own mind and forgetting about frustration or quitting, this shows you to be patient and resilient. To keep going. Ooooo!!!! I feel as if I have soooooo much to learn about everything.

Glad and grateful to be so alive. 🥰

Love, Calu R.

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