A pack of “clams” as I call them

Hi there 😊, I hope that wherever you are you feel safe and good.

Happy Mabon! And welcome autumn, welcome libra season, welcome equilibrium.

Today was a very good day, I had time to do things I had left behind and regained some strength, from the past days.

Have I mentioned my love for plants?

Oh yes sir!!!! I have!!! I absolutely adore them. I’m in love with nature all of it. It’s soooooooo amazing and beautiful and majestic!!!

I call this type of succulent: “clam” because of their shape, it could be “oyster” too, but look at those colors!!!!!! How amazing!!!!

I’ve always marvelled at the beauty that earth creates. There’s so much beauty in our world. As tiny little things like this, but imagine all the process it takes for this “clam” to grow, the sun, the soil, the water all the things involved to create something so exquisite. I just love it.

Do you know the proper name of this plant?

Leave a comment below or reach out to me, I’ll be glad and curious to know.

I invite you to touch plants, to feel them, to get in touch wherever you are or find yourself to get some green in your hands or feet if you can, and feel. Let all the beauty of this universe surround you with the energy of plants. You deserve it, and they deserve the love too. ♡

Love, Calu R.

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