Celebrating my birthday

Hey there, 😊 hope that wherever you are you feel safe and good.

First of all thanks to everyone who followed me during this past days, such an amazing feeling I get to read and follow other bloggers. Thank you ♡ and welcome.

So, today I want to address a subject that I don’t feel so comfortable with. The reason is that I don’t understand what’s happening and the confusion I’m experiencing, is taking control of my head.

Is it me, or everything in the world is either returning to “normality” or acting as if nothing ever happened?

Is it me? Or is this crazy?

I mean, I was forced, by politics and the government to stay almost 6 months without going out, with a very hard curfew, struggling with work, away from the ones I love and in complete isolation, afraid of an illness nobody has a cure. And now, everything, every where is just like: oooooh well… country is open let’s just do what we were used to.

I can’t explain the confusion in my head about wearing the mask if I want to go out, still trying to obey social distance, still cleaning like an even crazier person than before and still trying to figure out what on earth is happening.

While all this is going on, I see people returning to “normality”, not using masks, gathering with people, performing, drinking like crazy, not having social distance and behaving as if nothing ever happened. Was all this just a very elaborated thing?

Do you think the picture on this post is normal? Do you think this is the new normal? What do you think?

I have absolutely no idea what to believe or not. I was surprised today with this cake in a little studio here. We were 3 people counting myself and we wore the mask and kept our distance all the time, I didn’t even blow the candles, I just moved my hand to put them out.

Is this my choice?

Is this what we need to be doing if we want to take care of ourselves and the people we love? Is this the new “normal”?

I’m confused, I see all this people doing all things like before, and I wonder: why is it? Why are they behaving as if nothing has changed?

ALL HAS CHANGED!!! come on!!!!

If this will continue like this, I really don’t know how this 2020 is gonna end. Really. I’m trying soooooo hard not to get mad and angry, respect everyone’s freedom of choice, but this is something that affects everyone. I’m deeply confused. How are you feeling?

At this point I’m tired of the uncertainty, the confusion, the volatility of things, the fear, the death, the struggle…. I don’t know if the picture on this post is a picture that will be normal from now on, or not…. but hey, if you want to leave a comment or idea please do. I’ll truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Love, Calu R.

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