The Neighbors

This house is called “La casa de la Pila” stands for ” The house of The Water Stack”

Hi there 😊,

Hope that wherever you are you feel safe and good. ♡

Today was the first day after 6 months that I went to my back yard neighbors. Their house is one of the most amazing and beautiful houses I have ever put foot in.

On the picture the little window you see to the left, is the little window of my house. And when you open it, you not only see the volcanoes and mountains behind, but you get a glance of this amazing garden.

The owner of the house is an 97 years old lady, she’s such an incredible person. I didn’t had the chance to meet her when she was younger, but I can tell you that even at 97 she’s soooooo inspiring, super resilient and a very empowered woman.

As you can see in the picture, she grows tons of rosemary little balls. Her garden smells like paradise. Really the first thing you feel tempted to do is hug one of those huge rosemary balls, and be left with that amazing smell. It’s incredible. And even at 97, every 15 days she goes to every single ball and trim them. It’s soooooooo darling to look at her.

She told me this was her very first orchid.

Even though, the rosemary are really something amazing to see, to me I refer to her as “the orchid lady”, you know why?

Her house is the sanctuary of more than 2,800 species of orchids. Ooooooh!!!!! It’s such an exciting experience to go inside that house. And the flowers hang all over. I don’t know if you are aware but orchids are one of the most difficult flowers to take care and keep. I wish someday I’ll be so smart and wise with plants, to be able to have orchids. ♡

You remember my post “secrets behind doors?” Well this is another example of the beauties behind Antigua Guatemalan doors.

Stay safe. Be happy. Touch a flower today and be happy to be alive. Sending you my best vibes.

Love, Calu R.

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