Happy Birthday Virgo!!!!

Me 30 years old 🙂🌿💞

Hi there, hope you’re doing well and that you feel safe and good. ♡

Happy happy happy birthday Calu!!!!!!!

I almost can’t believe it, I’m 30!!!!! Yey!!!!

I have received tones of messages, phone calls, reaching out to me, and honestly I wasn’t expecting such a blast of love and kindness. A lot of messages are so deep, so beautiful and so magical. Really I feel more than loved I feel alive. So alive.

I am honestly impressed because tonight is the new moon. And not only is the new moon but is on my sign Virgo. Such a lovely energy…. new moons are just the perfect time to reflect, connect, tune in and manifest.

I want to wait until midnight to perform my manifestations. Although I want to prepare a little bit before. I know what I wish and desire. This energy of manifestation goes until February of next year. So I’m planning to really really think out of the box and be true to myself  on what I wish.

This year has been sooooo challenging but at the same time so beautiful. I woke up today and the house was full of roses and sunflowers. Oh I just feel soooooooo good and blessed. I have sooooo much love around me sooooo many people who have theirs hearts and minds with me it’s more than I could imagine. Really.

Thank you life, thank you universe I’m grateful to be alive today. And feel all the love. Thanks.

Sending my love to all and everyone ♡.

Happy new moon and happy birthday because mine is also yours. Happiness comes within all of us. ♡

Love, Calu R.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Virgo!!!!

    1. Hi there 🥰🥰 thanks for saying I look younger than I actually am. I suppose I have to thank my mother for that, I kid you not she’s 61 and she looks around 45. But thanks soooo much. I waited for this moment for a loooong time. 💛💛💛 sending you love and hope will keep in touch.

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