This one is so special to me.

Hey there,

Hope that wherever you are you feel safe and good ♡.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!! Yey!!!!!! I’m turning 30. I’m soooooo excited. Really. I’m sooooooo excited!!!! I can’t even wait. Although is almost Tomorrow….

Any way I’ll do a quick post about pendulums.

I’ve always loved minerals and their beautiful properties I just loveeeeeee them so much. And once I knew a bit more about magick, I discovered the magical way of divination.

There are lots of tools and skills you can develop with the art of divination, honesty I believe it’s a lot about being honest and connected to your intuitive powers. Everyone can do this, you only have to tune in.

I have a strange love for pendulums. They feel more earthly connected than for example tarot. I know everything IS connected, but pendulums are like magical beings. Who give you protection, and guide but also as tarot and most of divination practices, there are times when you can connect and others that they just want to be. You have to learn how to use them and even talk to them, connect to their energy. The flow. 💫

I am no wizard, but I’m very sensitive and emotional, very susceptible. I know my own gifts which I’m soooo grateful for, and I keep learning and growing. So the art of using pendulums is something so soothing doing it correctly.

If you are interested to know how to use them, and how to make one, let me know in the comment seccion and I’ll write you back.

For now, bye bye and 💫💐🌿💞🥰

Love, Calu R.

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