Sharing light

I love this baby… Fufu ♡

Hi, there, hope that wherever you are, you are safe and good. ♡

Today a girl much younger than me, told me something beautiful and surprised me a lot.

I’ve helped her in the past to do some performances and shows since she’s a singer songwriter. She has a very angelic voice, and the lyrics of her songs are always full of magic, nature, love and stars. Ever since I first meet her I thought:

“She’s got the spark”

Today we started talking about plants… you know small talk nothing too elaborated… and then she told me:

“You know, I always have felt very comfortable talking to you, I know you have so much light to share, I can feel it. And I thank you for being my friend, I feel I’m on the right path every time we end talking. I love you very much.”


I can’t explain how much words like these, melt my heart. It means soooooooo much to me, when people can feel what I share with them. It’s completely amazing and beautiful. Truly it is. All I wanted was to hug her tightly and say “thank you, for your kindness warms my heart, and I also can feel your light”.

Things like this are the things that make me go on, with working with people. I could easily just stay away from contact. But I know it’s not the path I’ve come to do on this earth.

Although I still struggle to find or define what it is that I do, knowing that light,love, help and comfort is what I can give, makes me incredibly happy and amazed and grateful.

Thank you life sooooo much deeply from the bottom of my soul and heart, thank you universe for every single being, experience or event that has cross my path, since it’s all that, that keeps me going and learning.

And still I have soooo much to learn still…

Thank you sooooo much little angel that came with warm words to my heart today. Thank you universe for letting me know, for all the love I can feel and give back. Thank you. Sooo much.

I hug you. Thank you for reading once more.

Love, Calu R.

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