Times, tales, are they just an illusion?

This is from 1970. Love Tolkien.

Hi there, hope that wherever you are you feel safe, good and fine.

From late July, I’ve been reading The Lord Of The Rings, and I can’t seem to get enough really, I haven’t stopped since it crossed my path.

I wonder why? Because it’s not as if I didn’t read it before, or seen the movies, I did everything. But it has a new meaning to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it since the moment I had the books and I loved the movies, I think it’s one of the best movie representation.

My beloved Fufu, I took this around 3 weeks ago, he still was slightly slimmer than now.

I seem to be enchanted by it. I have no idea what on earth Tolkien had in is mind. But thanks so much for it. Blessings to Tolkien wherever his soul might be.

I feel as if we are going through something very similar, just that of course there’s no physical war, we have no horses and magical features are known to just a few. I strongly feel as change that has come our way, is like the great battles on this story. All changing, evil times, but everlasting courage, strength, fellowship, power , magic, love and hope.

I have found so much reading this story again, and maybe that’s why I feel as if a long way if ahead of us, and that there are many paths to threat… as the song says.. I’ll leave it right here for you to marvel at.

Pippin’s song 🎵

I really believe that there are good things comming to everyone after 2020, and maybe 2021 too… I have not a single doubt about it. But it just seems so long. Such a long time… although a year has almost already past. But then I remember, and I know the last months of this year are going to be even more challenging than the ones we already had. I wished I could tell you differently, but there’s no treat, no evil that can make humans lose all hope.

I believe strongly in that. And I also believe that other forces and beings look after us, to not banish in this earth and life. I do believe that we are blessed and protected by celestial power. And even magical earthy powers.

I love middle earth. I love it’s story, the characters, everything. Hope that if you’re struggling because of all the challenges this year has brought to the world, know that you are not alone. And that this too shall pass.

Courage. ♡

Love, Calu R

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