Green so many Greens

All the beautiful herbs

Hi there,

Hope that wherever you are, you are good and safe.

This will be a very quick post since I have more pictures than words to describe how happy I get, when fresh herbs come around my way.

Since a little kid I have enjoyed nature soooooo much, and still I’m learning a lot from it. From flowers, trees, herbs…

Lemongrass, every night I make Lemongrass tea

I want to share my sweet Lemongrass tea recipe, that i make every single day and it brings so much comfort to my body, mind and spirit.

Remember, the first ingredient and most important one, is: INTENTION

Make everything you eat magical, healthy, sweet , whatever your heart and body needs, put the thoughts and feelings while making or preparing food. Give yourself love.


4 Lemongrass leafs (they’re big so, you can cut them (I rather not), or make a small ball with them)

1 or 2 cinnamon sticks (to your taste)

1 to 2 honey spoons (to your taste)

2 peppermint leafs

1 teaspoon of ginger (to your taste)


Put all the ingredients into fresh water, ready to heat it. Don’t do it in the microwave, use your stove, or whatever you use to slow cook. Wait until the water is boiling ( I personally like to put music or sing while I wait for my tea). Use a strainer to serve the tea. And there you go! Magic! 💫

May all your foods be filled with love and comfort.

Bye bye for now,

Love, Calu R.

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