Baby’s Breath

Beautiful baby’s breath ♡

Hi there, ♡ hope you’re doing well and fine, wherever you are.

I’m captivated by the beautiful baby’s breath plant. I didn’t know it’s name in English. I knew it as “siempre viva” stands for “always alive”.

I’ve been studying more herbs and plants. And I’m just filled with eternal love and admiration for this plant.

Almost in all the books I have that explain herb properties and benefits, it explains the magical ever lasting of the baby’s breath.

It is used mostly to bring happiness, love, health and prosperity. Whether you’re burning it or just collecting it. I’m still learning the basics of the plant. But let me tell you, it’s energy is so soft and at the same time so powerful, I’m surprised just really surprised. I wish I knew about it sooner. Such a beautiful energy. Celestial energy.

I’ve been working hard since Mars went retrograde on the 9th of September. It always mesmerize me how much everything is connected. I’m working hard to try to paint energies, I wish I could invite you to feel.

Does anybody else feel energy?

I know there’s more people like me who can feel, even see energy. I just wished we could all feel and see all that is ethereal, because it changes your perspective. Even the way to touch things, animals, people, everything changes when you learn energy. Either you feel it or see it, it just makes everything much more holy and divine.

I’m grateful today for baby’s breath.

Bye bye for now.

Love, Calu R

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