Wood and tools, to make some runes.

Hi there,

Hope that wherever you are, you are good and safe. 🙂

Today I felt soooo much better with my wirst and hand that I just couldn’t resist the pleasure of starting to use my hands again.

I’m in the process of creating a podcast, and this week’s episode was about Chaos Magick, and one mayor theme was about sigils. And also a bit about the Celtics.

That reminded me about Runes. I have always wanted to create my very own runes from scratch. So today, I started to chop some wood into tiny pieces to make them. I did exactly 25 little round pieces from the branch I had collected.

Chop chop chop

I’m used to try new things and I’m always curious about handling new tools and creating new skills. I am very cautious when using cutting devices, I’ve learned from cooking that sharp tools handled in the wrong way can be very dangerous. Even a small knife can harm you. So while I was chopping the wood stick I was very careful to not cut myself.

All my attention went to my left hand and the cutting I was doing. I got my pieces very well done, I just have to polish them, and make the Runes.

But, I forgot that I have been handling my right hand so carefully, that my skin is very sensitive. And while I was cutting, I didn’t even payed attention to my right hand. Now almost 8hrs after my making, I have an open blister on my right hand.

My lovely blister

Doesn’t look so good right? Well, from this I learned how to handle better a chopping tool. I had used them before, but really, I didn’t expect this. I actually didn’t even feel the blister opening or bursting, I felt nothing. Until I washed my hands. Ooooh!!! Did that hurt!!! So no more chopping for some days. But I’ll continue to work on my Runes tomorrow.

I’ve always loved the Celtics, the magical traditions they have, so even if I’m hurt, I’ll get them done. Also, I want to make some stuffed animals from socks this weekend. So even if my hand is with this big blister, I’ll keep working.

If by any chance you stopped here because of the theme, write to me please about Runes or Celtics or how to properly chop wood. That would be delightful. 🙂

Bye bye for now,

Love, Calu R.

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