Nature is Speaking

Yellow, white and red. That’s the order of my preference for roses.

Hi, hope that wherever you are you feel safe and protected. ♡

My heart and mind have been filled with an never ending flow of emotions. Just like a river, water passes my emotional body.

I watch the birds, the flowers, the rain, every little thing outside of me, I touch them and it feels as if my sensitivity has changed.

I truly don’t know how to explain it, and I have been trying to let everything flow as it comes.

Recently it has been heavy, a heaviness surrounds nature that I have no recollection of ever feeling before. I can feel it. Between the delicate and marvelous soft leafs, there’s something happening beyond my sight that I can’t quite explain.

But it has bring a very important attention to the circle of life. I can feel it moving, and even if this paths of nature are out of my control, and others, earth is speaking. I can feel it. The little things that we treasure as small delicate flowers, know something that even for them is heavy to carry.

I do not know the meaning of this, I think it’s the first time I have talk about this, or even the fact that I can sense things like this. But this is so different and tears come rolling my cheeks as I write this down. Since I don’t understand what’s happening.

Nature is speaking, and if it’s speaking so loud in a little town, I wonder what mountains, forests and jungles are saying.

Nature is speaking, and although I feel it, I still can’t understand what’s happening.


Love, Calu R.

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