Herbs and wisdom

Some of my favorite books

Hi there 🙂 ,

Today I’m inspired to talk a little bit about my practices and why I love so much nature.

Since I was a little girl, I grew up surrounded by plants. My father has a beautiful curiosity in botanical and gardening, which he slowly passed my way as I was growing up.

I’m an only child, since I have no siblings, and was a very shy and silent child, I found friends in plants.

I saw every little plant, flower or herb as a gift, from nature. My loveliest memories are when I was around 5 years old, talking to plants and harvesting. I would collect all sorts of beautiful flowers and plants, and then make cakes with them, also I would arrange beautiful bouquets that I offered to the sun, the moon or the birds. I remembered the smell of jazmin flowers at the back of the garden, growing wild and free, and making me feel so special since my second name is Jazmin.

A lovely lizard that I found on my bathtub one morning

I didn’t know what I was doing, in my mind I was playing with my friends and creating gifts from the earth to the earth. I was always singing to them, and playing with butterflies, catching daddy long legs and putting names to them. It was very natural to me. Then I grew up more and I began to have human friends. Then the magic of nature stood still until I was ready to move into it again.

I found passion and magic later on around the age of 13. I was living with my grandparents and I was learning to cook and to grow vegetables and fruits. That’s when the love for lavender came to me. My grandmother used to love lavender, she would make all sorts of things out of the lovely lavender. I would eat candies, make paintings, have lavender soap and lavender oils to smell good. I will always treasure lavender, it reminds me of my grandmother and all of the amazing teachings I had living with my grandparents, both artists, both sensible, both oh so magical. I still miss them, even if they’re long gone now.

A lovely lavender from my garden

It was until later on that I was introduced to roses and rosemary. It came from my mother, who deeply loves roses and their smell, then the rosemary came from my dad, loving it the same way as my mom with roses. Then I started my own journey into plants.

I never thought I was doing something, by collecting herbs, or planting seeds, or making the house look beautiful with roses. I just did it because it felt good, it felt right with me.

As I grew older, I got even more interested in the cycles of plants, the phases of the moon and all the invisible delicate but delightful energy that everything has. I was starting to learn philosophy and psychology for the first time at school, when I was 16. I graduated with specialty on literature from school, with that I found again passion for plants, but not like a child, but more out of curiosity and this never ending thrist for knowledge and wisdom.

Little by little I began to understand that when I was playing, I was actually creating love. Creating light, energy and well-being through plants and elements. And my love for nature grew even more, so as my desire to learn more.

I currently live a life that I try my best to live it by the cycles of nature. I also eat, clean and produce what I can on my own. And I still learn every day something new about herbs, medicine, and nature.

I dream to be able to make all of the things I do, intune with nature. From my creativity to my daily routines. I still get very very happy every time something blooms, or when I can grab a radish from the ground and smile looking at the beauty of the red behind the dirt. But since I’m much older and I have studied a lot since I was 5, I have found a lot of other beautiful practices that envolves herbs, crystals and the stars.

Lavender, limes, mangosteen and black beans

I smile every time I think about what it all implies, and I feel even happier knowing that I still have soooooo much to learn about nature. It’s a never ending wisdom that comes to me everyday. Even when feeling low, I can find comfort in my old friends, my plants. They will always be there and I will give them all the love I can since they make my life not only amazing but filled with abundance and joy, and the most important;


I hope this reading was useful or enjoyable, I’ll be back sometime, tomorrow.

Bye bye for now,

Love, Calu R.

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