Coats and bunnies

Fufu enjoying the sofa

Hey there,

It’s been a long, rainy day today. I watch the clock go on and on, and minutes seem to last for ever. It hasn’t stopped raining for more than 12hrs already. Cozy moments come to my mind, but also in a country like Guatemala, when the rainy season comes, the roads crumble, the water turns the little town of Antigua into a pond.

It’s majestic to watch the water non stop, makes you think about all the life it’s bringing to the forests and lands all surrounding the little town. At the same time, rivers grow and a lot of people suffer because of the conditions on how they live, poorly. Much happens when raining.

I watched my bunny Fufu and he’s so comfortable and cool under water. He licks his fur to dry himself, and as you grab him, you can feel that the water doesn’t pass the fluffy fur, his skin remains dry. Which got me thinking that maybe that’s why our ancestors and (still today), they used bunny skins to cover themselves and to keep houses warm. I bet it has something to do with the way the fur of the animal doesn’t allow water to pass.

It surprises me you know, sometimes you think you know stuff, and you learn a bunch of things on how the world works, how everything has a reason etc… but sometimes, it clicks in your head when you see, when you can see it with your own eyes and you immediately think:

“OH! Now I understand”

I think having experiences that involve the majority of your senses, say your 5 senses, these experiences will last longer in your memory, since they were experienced with all of YOU.

Sometimes, I think, I think too much.

🙂 well rain keeps falling, and the cold is beginning to get to the skin. I better make some hot tea or coffee. So, bye bye for now.

I’ll write some more, tomorrow.

Love, Calu R.

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