Hello September

Such a beautiful 1st of September

Hey there, 🙂

I hope that you’re doing okay. Today is the 1st of September and it was a very beautiful day, I wasn’t feeling quite okay yesterday, but today something was different in the air. I don’t know if it’s the full moon, but I do feel very happy.

I love the cycles of the Moon, and particularly the full moon always has an impact in my emotional and mental well-being.

I feel like I have a lot of energy, and I have some troubles getting or finding sleep. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way around full moons, but definitely I have to admit that there is something magical and very beautiful and spectacular about full moons. The very last full moon that I enjoyed was the supermoon in the sign of Virgo that happened in March, I was at the beach with one of my best friends and, it was so big and I felt as if all the beach was filled with light…I don’t know, why it was sooooo special but it felt like some kind of super lightning magical light that was coming from the stars and everything else that it was just amazing.

I haven’t say it here but, I love astrology, and that I do know some of the basics of it. I am a Virgo Sun, my rising sign is Leo, my moon and Venus are in Virgo too. Today the full moon is in the sign of Pisces, but we are in September at the beginning of it, that means we have all the Virgo energy surrounding us. This is so magical, and for the first time in a lot of years my birthday would be on a new moon in Virgo.

I don’t know what to expect from this, but I’m so excited because knowing astrology and knowing the moon cycles and living by that, is so fulfilling and magical. Just let me rephrase this to you:

My birthday is on the very 1st new moon of Virgo season, I am Virgo in many aspects of my life, and it’s my 30th birthday, this is amazing!!! Feels like the universe is giving me a gift, life is giving me a gift.

Why? you might ask, well new moons are always opportunities to clear everything because they happen after the full moon which is today and, New moons bring the energy of new beginnings of having goals of manifesting powers. So, this month is to manifest and it’s such a beautiful energy that I’m so glad to have it around me. I feel really grateful to be able to see all these things, and to acknowledge them, and to be able to understand the mechanics of the universe.

I don’t know everything about the universe, but even if I know just a little bit about it, makes everything so completely different. I can be grateful not only for being alive, breathing, being able to see, smell, feel, being love, feeling loved, getting chills down my spine, laughing, being able to move, to smell, to taste really good food, also I have this knowledge about how the world works and it blows my mind and I’m just so happy about it and right now I just feel a lot of love a lot of gratitude, and I love the season.

I was very anxious about September, but now that it’s here, I feel like I’m breathing this very beautiful Breeze, Ocean Breeze, waterfall Breeze.

Virgo supermoon on march 2020, 6.30am, Guatemala

I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to go to the beach for my birthday, but I will try to do my best to fulfill my wish. If I have to be there on my birthday I know that everything will align so I can have that as a birthday present. And I do have and idea of the people I want to see or talk to that day and I’m thinking, that I want to start at midnight talking to one of the most important persons in my life right now and then, very early in the morning I will talk to my parents so they can celebrate with me a little bit and then I just have this dream of going to the ocean, and take a bath and marvel at sunset, and have the opportunity to be grateful for everything that I have under a new moon, that would mean that the beach is going to be very dark maybe the Stars will all be there for me to look at.

I wish that wherever you are, if you’re reading this, know that you are loved. I know that everybody is connected in this whole world, so if you take care of yourself then you take care of everybody else. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Once you start crossing your ego, going beyond that, you can see that everything that happens to you, happens to others, and then you become more conscious about your own life, and how you impact others life.

I hope you’re okay, thanks so much for reading this, to stop by my blog, and if you want to get in touch with me you can follow me on any social media platform here.

Bye bye for now.

Love, Calu R

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