Bunny lifestyle

Me taking pictures and being distracted by Fufu

Hello there 🙂 ,

How is everything going in the world today? I hardly see the news since July. A lot has changed in the past couple of weeks in Guatemala, and I’ve been pondering all the time if to go out or not, to see my family or not, to go to nature or not.

Since I got my bunny Fufu, I’ve learned a lot from him. I had bunnies before him, but I was to little to actually remember how life was and how to properly take care of a bunny. I’m mostly attracted to cats. I’ve never had a dog of my own, I’ve helped rescue 2 dogs and have shared the love for them with friends but never they have been of my own. I think domestic animals are a responsibility that you take as soon as you adopt or buy one.

But definitely, having a bunny is very interesting, I learn something new every day I share with Fufu. He has grown so so fast, I still remember the first night I held him in my arms, not knowing if he could spend the night in the “cold” (to me cold weather is anything below 17°C ). Now I struggle carrying him around and kissing him since he’s so huge and big. He is almost the same size as my cat. But he follows me like a dog everywhere I go.

Fufu ♡

I would absolutely love to show you in a video how funny and adorable bunnies are. They yawn, just like I do, they stretch their bodies and actually have very unique demonstrations of love. Like, leaking your hands to approve your touch, or trembling their theet to let you know they’re happy. I remember the first time I saw him lay down like a dog. He was sitting straight and suddenly he let his body drop on one side and remain there, still on the ground. I thought he was injured, or sad or even worse sick. But as I searched for understanding, I found out that bunnies react that way when extremely happy. So curious, and oh! So funny. He just lets his entire body fall on one side and stay there laying on the ground as if death. But in fact he’s just really really happy.

Bunnies are extremely anxious creatures, they get scared so easily by noises, movement, they’re in constant observation and alert. Also they’re very clever animals. Intelligence is one of the many good character’s in a bunny.

I just love him so much! He’s brave, funny, and surprising at all times. I sincerely feel grateful for adopting him. Although I think I need to learn more about their eating habits, he has gain so much weight in so little time, and now looks like a fluffy ball. Which I don’t think is bad but, I would like to know how a bunny should weight. Properly. So that Fufu can have a very happy and healthy lifestyle.

See how fluffy he is, so in love with him. Little baby Fufu ♡

Thanks again for reading, bye bye for now, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Love, Calu R.

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