Secrets behind doors

I took this photo yesterday, 26 agust 2020. Antigua Guatemala.

Hello there,

I hope where ever you are you are safe and good. I send you lots of good vibes your way.

Do you see the first picture? That is one of the most famous ruins in Antigua Guatemala. It’s called “Ruinas del Carmen”, standing for “ruins of Carmen”. It used to be a monastery, more than 400 years ago. A big huge monastery.

I can’t really tell you guys when was the big earthquake that shook the town down, but let me tell you it was a big big big earthquake.

Since then, the ruins have been closed and the monastery (what was left of it) was split, and you have a big market on the left side of the picture, and all the remaining parts are now houses. 4 houses.

I happen to live right in that door, marked with an 8 on top. Really the door as you walk by, it’s not a fancy looking door, and it doesn’t bring up your attention. I love that.

Actually most of the doors in town are like that. You can’t really tell what’s behind them, they all look alike, and for some the only difference is the color the house is painted, or the hotel or boutique or whatever. Here the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” truly applies beautifully.

When I first moved to Antigua I loved to walk around and go inside the doors. Of course, the open ones. I went inside what ever door: big ones, small ones, slightly different ones, destroyed doors imagine all of the possibilities, I went inside.


Because you never know what’s on the other side.

It totally amazes me, it’s soooooo breath taking some houses or hotels behind the doors of Antigua. Really, I’m not kidding you. I’ve been to places where my eyes don’t know exactly where to look at. Everything it’s beautiful and pretty and oh so amazing. I just love Antigua.

Although it was getting a little bit weird around 2018 till this year. We had a lot of tourism going on, and I don’t exactly know how to explain the feeling of living in a tourism spotlight. It’s good, for the economy, but I don’t know, sometimes we had 3 cruises on a same weekend wandering Antigua and it’s a lot of people.

Now, well let me show you just a glimpse of what it looks like behind my door

🙂 can you find Fufu my bunny? He is right there ♡

Beautiful right? I feel grateful, really I do. Moving here was the best. I enjoy every single day living here. I just want to hold everything in my arms and say “thank you” so so much. I know I’m blessed with a roof over my head but I can, from my heart, say that this is way more than just a roof.

I give thanks for having space, to have plants, to hear birds, to see green, red, colors my oh my! To feel the grass, to take long showers outside, to play in this paradise. Thanks.

So what do you think? Living in a old monastery that was taken down but was alive for many many years? Would you live here?

If you ever visit Antigua, and you happen to find the ruins, come knock on the door and if I’m around, I’ll share this little paradise with you.

Bye bye for now,

Love, Calu R

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