Candle Magic


I’ve just sat down drinking a large cup of coffee, after I caught some rain, taking pictures and videos. I get so excited under the rain, although it’s often cold and very very wet, I love getting under it and watching the world from an other point of view, even sounds all round change, as the drops fall. It feels as if the rain cleans all little and big things.

Since we don’t experience snow, in a tropical country, rainy days are the perfect time for cozy times. I like to put on some fluffy socks, drink hot chocolate made from raw cacao ( we have pretty good cacao in the country), or a cup of golden milk, or my lovely recipe of lemongrass tea ( I might share it in the future), a good book and to give the chance of candle light to be with me.

There’s something soothing and calming about candles and their light. Have you ever wonder why?

I have, all the time. I love to have candles around me. They look like tiny fires burning, dancing in a beautiful golden glow. And I do believe the color of the flame, without it being a fire, brings comfort to the eye. Also for many generations the use of candle light has been proved from romantic moments to being the only resource of light in a household. People who often live near forests or woods or far from big cities, use candle lights since electricity might be too expensive or not available for them.

And then, there’s also that magical spark, that a room filled with candles bring. Even if it’s not a room, whenever candles are being used in a place, there’s a sense of magic in the air that is so fulfilling bringing a sense that magical experiences might happen. To me candles are light, warmth, love, magic, inspiration and truly a delight to have around.

Do you feel the same way?

Well, to finish this post, I’ll share with you that I do know how to make candles. Simple ones. But I find the process so fascinating, and I haven’t played with my DIY knowledge. But as I close my eyes I can picture candles with different flowers in them as decorations, or simple white candles but having unusual forms. I wonder, if I ever create a candle that has the form of a flute, would it make a sound?

I’ll keep enjoying this cozy night, having lemongrass tea cuddling with my lovely cat Totti, and I’ll come back again.

Say hi to my best friend. My cat Totti. He’s been with me already for 11 years. I absolutely adore him.

Sending coziness your way, and a bunch of candle light magic.

Love, Calu R

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