Feeling Green

Hey there 🙂 ,

Today was a very cloudy and cold “winter” day. Since I live in a tropical country, seasons are marked with the rain. “Winter” for us is the rainy season, and “summer” is when the rain has stopped. We only know this two changes, although from November to February, it gets cooler every day, until the rain comes and the sunlight starts to warm up again.

I love the cycle of plants and flowers, and tulips have been of my interest for a long time. They’re so amazingly beautiful when they bloom, and they last for almost all the month of May. But the process of having tulips is one that challenges your patience. They fall asleep for so long, they need cold, and months and months to be prepared to bloom again. Since we don’t have snow or very cold weather, you need to even put the tulip bulbs in the freezer for about two months before planting them again. It’s a process and it demands to be followed for the beautiful tulip to shine again.

I’ve injured my wrist, (the right one, my dominant hand), and at the beginning I felt just a slight pain. I thought I could continue working and using my hand. But it hasn’t improved actually it’s gotten worse. Makes me feel sad because I already had a stable routine of playing guitar, doing yoga, cooking, enjoying my animals and of course, inspiration had come back to me to paint!!! Oh how wonderful I felt when I knew exactly what I wanted to paint and how. But in my heart I have to admit that part of the (not) healing of my wrist was because I didn’t rest it. Knowing this I was reminded of something.

So, I wonder my garden today, touching every single plant, trying to feel the magic and life within them, and I remembered the tulips. And now, I have to be like a tulip. I need to rest my hand for a while, give it time to regain energy and heal itself. Of course, I won’t wait 8 months to use my hands again, but just to be conscious of how long some flowers need to rest to regain their energy to bloom again freely and majestic, I need to be patient and let my body heal. I need to feel green.

But in the midst of everything I have so many ideas to write about, so many things to tell, oh! I want to share so much!!! And right now as I write I remembered that I have a bunny to take care of, and put to his bed. So, I’ll go for now. And I’ll come back tomorrow.

This is my beloved bunny called Fufu, enjoying some fresh cauliflower leaf ♡

Thanks for reading my thoughts and heart.

Love, Calu R

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