Looking for inspiration

I’m struggling right now to start writing something that makes sense. I’ve been trying to build something of my own for quite some time, I feel both excited and nervous.

It’s been quite a few bizarre months, I’m sure not only for me but outside my little bubble of country, events have reached us and have changed many many plans and ideas I had.

My heart is pounding so fast as I write down every word. I have no idea if this will only stay for me to enjoy reading again, or if it’s the very beginning of a new chapter in my life. For far too long I’ve been pondering my true calling on this planet. I wish only to live the life of my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, in my mind, dreams are not full of glowing jewelry and expensive clothes, nor a big house with lots of expensive decorations. I wish to live by nature, and be free to create and deliver back all the creative energy that I have to others and to the earth.

My heart moves as I look at the picture i just posted. There it is, one of the places I call home. Hidden from people and noise and smoke, that is Lake Atitlan. One of the most beautiful places in my country, and for many years I have been going back and forth, to regain energy, and to feel the magic of nature cycles. The sound of the water, the sound of the falling night and the stars are just amazing and fill my heart with infinite love.

But, things changed, plans are now far from my sight, and although I don’t leave my heart’s desire in the past, it’s difficult to maintain some sort of faith when the unknown breathes every second of 2020. I haven’t been able to go there since January, and although I started the new year all by myself and the lake, I still can’t go and visit it as I had planned. I haven’t been able to visit nature as frequently as I used too, and I feel it’s weight in my heart and soul. I long for the sound of the water, to walk barefoot enjoying earth. This year has definitely revealed how much nature really means to me.

I finally got inspiration this week, I do many things, art things, musical things, nature things, magical things. But it all stopped at the beginning of March, and it’s been already 5 months since my inspiration flu away.

But now it is back. And for the next post I’ll be telling a little more about where I live, and what I do, and hopefully share more of my dreams.

For now, thank you for taking the time to read. I’ll be back soon.

Love, Calu R

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